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1961 Ford Thunderbird Custom Thunderflite


Media Proves It Would Rather Support Al-Qaeda Than Allow Peace in Syria

July 27, 2017 at 11:02 am
(FAIR) — The US government has finally announced an end to its years-long program to arm and train Syrian rebels. The initiative, one of the CIA’s largest covert operations, with billions of dollars of funding, fueled mass killing in Syria and significantly prolonged the country’s horrific war. Widely respected experts have also acknowledged that it greatly strengthened murderous extremist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.
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If one only read corporate media reporting, however, you would likely think that the termination of the CIA program was an abject tragedy. Spin doctors at major news outlets depicted the Trump administration’s decision as variously a spineless concession to the evil Russian puppet master and/or a wretched abandonment of a supposedly noble US commitment to “freedom and democracy.”
The Washington Post (7/19/17) took the lead with the article “Trump Ends Covert CIA Program to Arm Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria, a Move Sought by Moscow,” which framed the development almost entirely as a concession to the Kremlin. It cited Charles Lister, a hawkish analyst who has for years lobbied for US-led regime change in Syria: “We are falling into a Russian trap,” lamented Lister, who works for think tanks funded by the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, and never fails to toe the line.
Western corporate media compliantly echoed the Post‘s talking points: The Guardian (7/20/17) declared “Donald Trump Drops CIA Program in Syria ‘in Bid to Improve Russia Ties’”; USA Today (7/20/17) said, “Trump’s Cutoff of Aid to Syrian Rebels Marks Victory for Assad, Russia and Iran”; “Donald Trump Ends Covert CIA Aid to Syrian Rebels in ‘Win’ for Russia,” the Telegraph (7/20/17) added.
The Washington Post‘s resident unofficial CIA PR rep, David Ignatius (7/20/17), practically boasted that “CIA-backed fighters may have killed or wounded 100,000 Syrian soldiers and their allies over the past four years.”
A top US general later made it clear that the halt of the CIA operation was not about Russia. But this mattered little to the Fourth Estate; the “Kremlin plot” seed had already been planted.
The idea that it might actually be good to end a program that even establishment think tanks conceded empowered Al Qaeda and other jihadist militant groups in Syria, regardless of what Russia desires, was never entertained.

Empowering Al Qaeda

For once, K Street offered a rare voice of reason. Writing for the Century Foundation, centrist analyst Sam Heller noted the halting of the program was “a concession to reality,” given it had for years been “indirectly feeding the Nusra Front”—Syrian Al Qaeda.
“As for the ‘moderate rebel force’” the CIA program was supposed to create, Heller noted,
“for the last several years much of America’s support has gone to Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions that have functioned as battlefield auxiliaries and weapons farms for larger Islamist and jihadist factions, including Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate.”
In north Syria, in “the revolution’s center of gravity,” Heller continued, “CIA-backed northern rebels were mostly backfilling for either the Nusra Front or Ahrar al-Sham, an Islamist movement-opposition faction and Nusra’s erstwhile ally.” Moreover, the genocidal “Islamic State burst out of the opposition’s chest.”
CNN (7/20/17) declared “the End of a Small CIA Program in Syria Is a Big Win for Russia,” which compounded the distortion by labeling the rebel support “small”; Timber Sycamore, the official name of the CIA operation for arming and training Syrian rebels, was one of the agency’s biggest. It spanned multiple countries, and involved billions of dollars, from the coffers of not just the US, but also of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Officially, the CIA operations began in 2013, but in reality they started in 2012 at the latest.
“The problem with the program,” Sam Heller emphasized in his report, “was not that it was under resourced or ‘insufficient in scale.’”
Scholars like Joshua Landis, a leading academic expert on Syria with moderate, middle-of-the-road politics, also welcomed the end to the CIA program, which he uncontroversially noted “benefited spread of radicals like Al Qaeda and ISIS.”
Landis pointed to a largely forgotten 2012 New York Times report (10/14/12) that revealed that “most of the arms shipped” to Syrian rebels by US allies were “going to hard-line Islamic jihadists.” “Washington knew this by mid-2012. Took five more years to shut down flow,” commented Landis, who directs the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma.
The professor cited another report that Syrian Al Qaeda had taken large chunks of the weapons sent to “moderate” rebel groups. Landis stressed, “US regime-change policy in the Middle East was a failure that fueled radicalism, prolonged civil wars, death and torture.”

Cheering for More War

It is extremely difficult to find a good policy pursued by Donald Trump. His administration is chock-full of Goldman Sachs plutocrats, and he is detaining and deporting huge numbers of immigrants, making life hell for Muslims (both here and abroad) and dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency at breakneck speed.
Yet in the atypical moments when the Trump administration takes a break from escalating war and instead tries to rein  military operations in a bit, corporate media harshly condemn it—frequently with Cold War–esque fearmongering about the Russian bear.
In fact, it is only when Trump escalates military aggression abroad that he is lauded and lionized (FAIR.org4/7/174/11/17)—even by a liberal so-called “Resistance” that has elevated US intelligence agencies with long histories of coups to the status of heroes.
On Twitter, Trump lashed out at “The AmazonWashington Post“—a reference to the Post‘s billionaire owner, Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of corporate online giant Amazon (which also happens to have a $600 million CIA contract). “The Amazon Washington Post fabricated the facts on my ending massive, dangerous and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad,” Trump wrote.
He was immediately swamped with accusations that he was coddling a bloodthirsty cartoon villain dictator on behalf of the Kremlin.
These histrionic lamentations for a catastrophic CIA operation that fueled Al Qaeda may perhaps come as no surprise, nevertheless, when one considers bloviating New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (4/12/17), just a few weeks ago, outlandishly proposed that the US should openly support the genocidal ISIS in order to weaken the Syrian government and its allies Iran, Russia and Hezbollah (FAIR.org4/13/17).
US government documents and emails from former secretary of state Hillary Clinton have acknowledged that US proxies Saudi Arabia and Qatar did just that, to little public protest from Washington.
Meanwhile, mere days after the US announced it was halting its CIA program, the rebranded Syrian Al Qaeda–led rebel coalition Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham—some of whose members were previously “moderate” groups vetted and armed with anti-tank missiles by the CIA—solidified its control over Idlib, the last remaining rebel-held province in Syria.

Mass Media

'Evil Empire of Media' Says nothing about What Zionists do in AlAqsa Mosque and 'defenders of AlAqsa'.



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Iraqi Forces Eagerly Admit Their Orders Were to Kill Women and Children in Mosul

July 27, 2017 at 6:05 am
(ANTIWAR.COM) — The extremely ugly final weeks of the Iraqi “liberation” of Mosul is leading to an aftermath where untold hundreds of corpses remain buried under the rubble of the Old City. The corpses include some ISIS fighters, of course, but also a massive number of civilians.
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That’s reflective of what Iraqi soldiers say were their orders in the final days of the battle, kill anything that moves. Iraqi forces eagerly did so, with one noting that they “killed them all, men, women, and children. We killed everyone.
There is little chance that the dead will even be counted, with Iraqi forces sending in armored bulldozers to cover over all the rubble, crushing the uncovered bodies along with the former homes they lived in.
One Iraqi major insisted reports that the change came as the result of Iraqi prisons being full was false, saying that Iraq has plenty of prisons, but makes “very few arrests” in Mosul, noting that Iraqi troops summarily execute people for more or less anything.
Civilians caught going down to the Tigris River for water, because they’re dying of thirst, are routinely killed, he noted. The reporters in the city who would normally witness this sort of action are bullied, their cameras’ memory confiscated, and convinced to quietly leave town.
As Iraqi officials were celebrating “victory” in Mosul in recent weeks, attack helicopters were overhead just blocks away, targeting everyone that was still moving in the shrinking ISIS districts. The memory of what happened burned into the minds of the locals, Iraq now has an uphill battle trying to govern Mosul as anything but an occupied city, taken in the most brutal of fashions.
By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

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Allah Akbar

ISIS Forte noi (nu forte moi)

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Ion Creanga (1837-1889)

Se pare că prima tutungerie din ţara noastră a deţinut-o… Ion Creangă. Cel puţin aşa susţine ziarul “Adevărul”, bazându-se între altele şi pe „dosarele Arhivei Primăriei Iaşi”. Exclus din rândurile clerului şi din învăţământ, marele scriitor, atunci când s-a înfiinţat monopolul tutunului, a fost cel dintâi care a căpătat brevetul de a-şi deschide un debit […]

 PS.Mai adaug si eu ca Ion Creanga a fost raspopit ca participa activ la Mitingurile contra Unirii, si-a taiat codita  de popa si isi batea nevasta si apoi a alungat-o de acasa.:)))


Rar mi se intampla sa simt comentariile unui ziarist ca MA REPREZINTA, ca  spune ceea ce voiam eu sa spun dar, nu aveam cuvintele la mine.
Asta am simtit in ziua de 25 iulie.a.c. urmarind emisiunea Lumea la B.1 TV  prin cuvintele domnului R.B.
Nu mai am nimic de audaugat.

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  •  US-backed Syria force ousts IS from half of Raqa
    A US-backed alliance has ousted Islamic State group jihadists from half of their Syrian bastion Raqa, a monitor said Wednesday, as the escalating fighting drove up the civilian death toll. The SDF "are now in control of 50 percent of Raqa city despite the fierce resistance mounted by IS", Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told AFP. The SDF assault has been backed by air strikes, special forces advisers, equipment and weapons from the US-led coalition fighting IS in Syria and neighbouring Iraq. Read More

  • ISIS is rapidly losing control of Raqqa, its headquarters in Syria

  • Man.United

    FT: Barcelona 1 United 0

    Our US trip ends with a narrow defeat as Neymar scores the game's only goal.

    Match report:


    Fara pudibonderii

  • Am vrut mereu citind astfel de stiri sa-mi spun  punctul de vedere in fata, fara ocolisuri.
  • Ce inseamna sclava sexuala  pe front ?
  • Inseamna ca a pus ochii pe ea un carliontat, un fel de minim "sefulet" care si-a impus in fata celorlalti poate prin ferocitate punctul de vedere adica...  Cred ca in astfel de situatii, unor astfel de tinere le-a pus Alah mana in cap si asa au scapat cu viata.Daca ajungea pe mana celor fara scrupule dupa ce era folosita, ajungea in acid sau poate ii dadea foc din prima, sa nu mai piarda vremea cu ea. Maine pica o prizoniera tanara si cu antrenament fizic militar, asa ca o provocare. EU CONSIDER CA ACEST MIC SACRIFICIU IA SALVAT VIATA.DAR SA NU NE GANDIM CA IN RAZBOI IN LINIA INTAI,  COMBATANTII SE OCUPA NUMAI DE SEX, CAND EI SE  ODIHNESC PE FURIS SI PE APUCATEA. AM VAZUT CA NU DORMEAU CU ZILELE SI NOPTILE FIIND TOT TIMPUL PE FRONT. Locuintele lor sunt provizorii ca frontul se misca incontinuu. Adorm inaintea lor (a sclavelor).Mai ales ca am vazut ca  Liderul ISIS a dat atunci (2014) un ordin ca pe front nu mai este considerata infractiune pedofilia, pentru ca erau multi copii de 10-11 ani pe  post de luptatori, si nu aveau ce face,  faptele nu puteau fi controlate si pedepsite.Atunci am vazut ca le spuneau ce sa faca pentru asi infrange instinctele sexuale dar, nu am inteles nimic pentru ca, am citit pe diagonala in graba.
  • Asta  este o gaselnita a presei occidentale si americane, care ii spune tinerei ,de parca ar fi vedeta de film la Hollywood ca, ai fost "sclava sexuala", poate ne creste retingul.
  • Daca este sa fim adeptii adevarului absolut, romancele noastre ce viata duc in majoritatea lor ? Sclave sexuale, sclave bucatarese, sclave spalatorese, plus serviciul, plus grija de copii. Cate femei sunt alungate in ger noaptea, afara din case cu copii lor? Cate femei sunt batute pana la moarte ? Am vazut ca, cu miile.
  • Mi-am spus cu curaj parerea mea, si trebuie reconsiderata notiunea de " sclavie sexuala". Ceea ce esti obligata a face impotriva vointei tale dar, trebuie sa te supui este "sclavie" si in viata domestica.
  • PS Va aduceti aminte ca, acum cativa ani o ziarista americana s-a dus pe front, ca sa le ia un interviu si a scapat usor ca luptatorii s-au gandit sa faca o "bucurie liderului" si au dus-o lui ca trofeu. A scapat usor  si cam jumulita de pene a povestit  tot, cand a ajuns in America. Dar carcotasii arabi au spus ca, nu avea ce mare lucru sa-i faca un barbat de 130 de kg.:)))
  • Am vazut azi la tv. razboiul japonezo-chinez de la mijlocul anilor 30, ai secolului trecut. Acolo mai ales in presa oficiala japoneza, se prezenta executatea prin decapitare a o suta de chinezi de catre japonezi, ca o intrecere sportiva  dotata cu premii financiare si alte "beneficii" pentru cei care erau mai rapizi. Asa ca nimic nu este nou sub soare si asa cum spune proverbul:"nu elibera din lant animalul din om ".
  • Japonezii azi sunt socotiti modele de civilizatie dar, au fost printre cei mai cruzi oameni, (sau mai sunt ca am vazut  mafiile lor actuale cu ce crime bestiale se ocupa)de-a lungul veacurilor.